Thursday, April 18, 2013

walls of text find paths to carry us

Intoxicant, I read of other touches and thought
of your feel on my skin instead, the way that my
lips felt pressed against yours, your flesh, your
shoulder sleeping. It is a wall of sensations that
rises before me as I pull my self through other's
words for other's touches, other's sensations,
other's desires. Instantaneously my mind replaces
them with you, and I find myself wanting only
to return to that place you lay resting till our
kiss brought you to me, nearer and closer than
I dared to hope for. That is an intoxicant, you.

I lay myself
stretched out
and wanting
a path through
a way to find
myself back
within our
makes a 
cruel but

I found that my commonsense had fled me
as I  drew myself out along the warmth that
pulled at me like a sun warmed pool in the 
river  at the beginning of summer nights,  the
needed soothing to burnt skin and hearts after
the scorching of our efforts to build the world
Leaves us parched, wanting something to  be
enfolded by that is familiar and safe. I cried the
pain of every heartbeat and was held in safety. 

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