Saturday, April 13, 2013

To a beloved fandom's center

Love is not uncritical.
Love pulls into you and causes you
to feel, to want, to desire more for
and from and want to build up upon.
Taking aside love and knowing that
it wants to be more, and so  it should
be worked upon, casting away from
that thing that undermines them is not
hate, and when that thing is overlooking
the ways that our loves build oppression
that is not hate, is not passive aggressive
or turning like rabid dogs to say, woah,
that is not ok, that is not cool, that hurts me
and that tells others as oblivious to it as you
that it's ok, especially when they know you
are loved by one of us, one of those people
that on a bright day you took a sample of
one of to be your character to do something
that plays into the pre-existing images of
us, us as foolish, as violent, as without
intent or the ability of it, as passive, as side
characters in our own stories, as lacking
the fucking complex narratives that are the
realities of all of our inner lives, even us,
even the people who you were taught are
not like you, not like the them you write
your narratives for, that we are not the
ones who would build up love anyway.

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