Monday, April 29, 2013

My Orientation Manifesto

your Consent is more relevant 
to me and what I want and
how and if it goes beyond 
my appreciation of you as
pleasing to behold
than your gender, sex, or
identity. Your consent is
more meaningful than what
pronouns we use for each other-
and damn they best be pronouns
you've consented to in the first place,
Anyhow- or who you have or haven't
fucked or wanted to fuck before. 
Our consent is more important here
than what we call what we are doing
touching fucking loving abstaining or
any one of a number of other intimacies
that we grant each other permission for
named or unamed. Our consent is ours,
is our time together whatever we do
whatever we pretend or build- our consent
is what builds our safety, the foundations we
elaborate on in building today's "safe sex"
whatever else we add to make our intimacy safe. 
I want your consent to engage in our
tenderness, our aggression, our dances and 
fights and how we act on what intimacy we
each agree we want. The rest is stage dressing
for the best play to act in/on/with, the
endless variations of what
intimacy can look like. 
You want some word for my desire
beyond the ambiguous "queer"? My
desire is for consenting partners in
intimacy and that is as close to
specific that I can ever fucking give you. 
because that is as specific as I can get.

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