Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I don't think that
I am being too
specific when
I say all I
want is someone
whose views and ideas
do not disgust
me, who wants kids
someday if we
can, is Jewish
and tolerates
me for more than
a few weeks out.
Hopefully and
attractive to
me enough for
things to work well
in the bedroom.
I don't even care
what this person's
gender might be
though I know that
if they read as
a dude it will
be easier
sometimes to find
faith community.
How is this at
all asking too much?

This is not a
narrow range by
which to look so
don't tell me that
My scope is too
narrow when I
worry that I'll
be forever
alone. Again.

I Love you mom.
But this really
does not help me.

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