Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have a -
well, I'm not sure of the words, but in my mind it is a progression
that falls down
a good bit like one of the old visualizers

"Rainbow rainfall"
or something equally nonsensical

so really it is a specific song
the introduction in a movement that
really is like rainfall
but vacillating between
a set range of cool colors
never quite reaching a warmer range of spectrum.

The movement is connected to a concept
(conceptualize the capitalization
self contained in the conniving conjecture
coordinated between consultations)
in a separate movement of the song

But this difference in timing
unites desperate.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spewing of Thoughts On: Age

There is more to me than my age.

An age group does not define
My taste in musical score
What shows I follow
or those that bore me.

It does not define what I was to do with my life
or my political agenda
Which way I'll vote and who I'll boo
and fight for.

My age does not mean that I'm attracted to the current trends.

It does not mean that I prefer
The over produced and faux empowerment
marketed towards a coveted age bracket.

It does not mean that Post-Punk is dead
by the hands of neo-punk
as far as my music library goes.

Nor does it mean that Neo-punk
has no place there.

My age doesn't mean I'd prefer Vampires that sparkle
over Stoker's predator-
though both carry a thread of romanticism
that neither side wants to see in the other.

(Though I must say,
There's something to be said about the vampire in between,
the Dracula of the 1990's and his overt sexuality,
rather than that of the 1890's and his overt threat.)

Don't assume that I don't know your favorite band
just because they broke before I hit puberty
or even before I was born.

Who is to say that my favorite
didn't breakup before you knew the difference
between now and then?

After all, they do say that to
makes an ass out of you
and me.