Sunday, July 17, 2016

I want you. Shamelessly. 
I long to kneel at your feet
To inhale the smell of you
As I rest my side against your thigh
And watch the fire crackle and pop
As the breeze carries off the heat of the day. 

I desire the weight of your hand
Squeezing my phalanges together
Grinding the bones until I float
And they make my arms dance
Like eels in the water of your touch
Wild but to you compliant. 

I miss a time when you could
Touch me in stillness rather than fight 
When I could Lean against you
And not have our sense of how 
Time is so little urge us along
Into the inevitable before the peace. 

I wish I could touch you without
Our blood racing, without
Slipping under the waters of you
Before I have the chance to breathe you in
To feel the warmth of your skin 
To- if time only allowed for it!- doze
Fire warmed against your knee
Before kissing your hip in the dark of night. 


Anonymous said...

This was striking. I was left wondering, why time was running out? Or is that there is never time enough to love someone completely because all things end--even love?

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