Sunday, June 8, 2014

Non-Poem Poetry update

I just wanted to let those reading this- and I know there aren't too many of you- know that I had a previously unpublished poem, SEEP, published in Barking Sycamores.

Barking Sycamores is a poetry journal founded by Nicole Nicholson. Barking Sycamores publishes poetry (and art) by neurodivergent writers. They use a broad definition of neurodivergent, inclusive of not only autistic writers but also those who would get a dx of ADHD, Bipolar, Synesthesia, and so on. If you aren't sure if you or your dx qualify, they are quite friendly and I'm sure that they would be willing to answer you. Barking Sycamores contact information is found here.

Nicole's own work you can check out under Ravenswing Poetry. I highly rec it- I'm especially thrilled about her ongoing Sci Fi series Digital Purgatory featuring the (without giving away spoilers) neurodivergent WoC Aanteekwa.

The submissions for Barking Sycamores' second issue are currently open until 6/30/14.

You can read all the poems in Barking Sycamores issue one here.

You can read my poem, SEEP, here.

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