Thursday, December 19, 2013



Laying in shifts that
would normally feel as though
the bed presses my thigh out of socket
suppressed by chemicals racing through
my limbic system as I watch
our competing breaths. Breathing in
your gasps and the permutation in
the patterns that
your mouth makes against my shoulder
as my nails tighten into your back
and as I transition from mouthings to
clawings you cling to me tighter
and your face flushes red and
twists into shapes evoking both
pain and pleasure. Your skin gathers
under my nails longer and and deeper
as my electrified skin lights up
with your breath and I watch
breathlessly the contortions
and know the sensations
twisting under your skin
electrified to know
that I am causing this
and you not only consent
but desire it more.

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