Friday, October 25, 2013

A Million Seconds (An Amicable Breakup)

I thought this'd hurt—
knowing it's something I couldn't keep.
But when I ask myself what tears are for?
Lubrication— salt and enzymes to cleanse
perpetually gaping wounds
to our social egos.

So let's tell the truth—
a million seconds ago I was not thinking about you.
And though it hurts to say
I wouldn't have it any other way.
It's no one's fault—
some interests just fade away.

I thought you'd be mad
by my lack of pain, of suffering
in the face of distractions, other interests gained.
Pheromone receptors filled with the light of another.
So we each ignored natural urgings
signals to move on.

Let's be frank —
a million seconds ago you weren't thinking of me either.
and though I'd like to stay,
all good things end some day.
It's no one's fault—
some interests just fade.

Why'd we stay against our nature?
The pressures of drama that drives men
to drive Lemmings off cliffs
Lines to fit socially required greed.
An entitlement to make
another's heartbreak our entertainment.

Today let's rectify
A million seconds of pretending nothing had changed.
Of lining up for more impact than reality, for
Reasons beyond natural truth.
It's no one's fault—
some interests just fade away.

A million seconds seems both too big to consider and too small to fit- but it really comes out to less than 12 days. Inspired by the Vlogbrother's video, When Was It a Million Seconds Ago?

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