Thursday, February 16, 2012

Echoed at 3 and 24

My niece has been
echoing and copying
everything lately. She copies
words from
upset teens on TV-
"My life, my family no
one cares about my life!"-
when she is
upset and
Bounces across the room
in joy joy joy
with words from
Lilo and Stitch on her lips.

But she's 3, and
so it's normal for her
at that age to echo
echo echo echo

I can't find the words
to say everything and
so I send her, him copied words
of my self
doubt- "Fast as You Can
run free yourself from me"-
and cite, cite, recite the words
from songs
saying I
Love "Something", "I Want
You, you so bad"
bubbling the beatles and
Fiona and Adele and raging

Rise Against As I
"Pulled on these
bootstraps so hard
that they broke." at
24, it's a pathology.


Written in Response to Julia's blog post, Metaphors Are Important: An Ethnography Of Robotics, as a comment. The following songs are echo'd in this: Fast As You Can by Fiona Apple; Something and I Want You (She's So Heavy) by the Beatles; Disparity By Design by Rise against. Links are to Youtube videos with the lyrics on screen.

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