Thursday, January 14, 2010

There are no words to describe this driving light
as each moment of study and contemplation
bares more of my soul-

do not tell me because of my birth I am less filled with this light
That I do not know my own soul
or that my devotion is less.

What but devotion can lift my soul in song
in buzzing and passion and change
with each learning?

When the words of my soul flow out my mouth,
they flow with as true a force as any other's devotion
and set to flare the spark within me.

Why then is there doubt as to the motivations of my heart?
Can they not see the glowing of joy that radiates from my soul
As I sing beside them?

Or is it, perhaps, that my mother's path was not the same as my own
that the blood of her womb did not spark this light
through so rich a heritage?

When I sing with this tongue the words of my soul, do not doubt them;
When I speak, do not assume I speak them lightly;
When I dance, do not assume superficiality;

When I ask, do not wait until you too see my soul glowing
before you weigh my ferver as more than a feather's press;
I assure you, you wil see it shortly.

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