Thursday, December 17, 2009

I felt a blush rush up
and my fingers curled around my bottle
the soda level raising by degrees
And nearing the brim before I could put it aside
My palms wet
and slickening;
The cold emanating from the thin window pane-
tendrils raising chilled bumps cross my neck
Shoulders Collarbone
Wrapping round my arms
like Sheba's bejeweled armlets-
feels for them
but unable to ice the heat they find there;
Reactive my neck tightens into a pleasant knot
of the laces that run up my spine
corsetting this into my body
and causing my back to conform
to the tightening arch
of their guide;
A drumming started in my neck
carotid artery dancing to the rhythm
of my heart beat as I inhale through my nose
the chill of empty air
and loneliness.

And because the cause is absent
(not lending warmth
or shielding the chill)
I write.

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